Here are my tips to get top dollar for your home! 

Sometimes it’s the little things that put the biggest dollar amount in your pocket when you sell.

Enjoy the video and see below for the full list of ideas of things you can update to get your home ready to sell!

Things that will bring you the most return:

-New carpets


-Removing Clutter

-Fresh paint in neutral colors (Whites, greys, nudes)

-Fixing framing around doors/walls

-Painting kitchen cabinets

-Staining the deck

-Fix the old wallpaper.

-Painting the garage doors. (I recommend painting them something neutral like white, or black)

-Adding shelves back in the closets.

-Wash all the windows

-Make sure your house smells GOOD

-Organize your space! It makes your house seem BIGGER

-Keep your home clean

-Plant some flowers

-Put some new bark down

-Make sure your doors open and close perfectly

-Put grass seed down if your grass is patchy

-Take those family pictures down

-Keep the things your packing in one confined area

-Paint that red wall something neutral

-Add light to your house by adding lighter colors, and opening curtains


The point is that when a buyer walks into your house, they want a fresh canvass to begin thinking of what their life would be like there! And if you want them to fall in love with your house, make it easy for them! People don’t always see the potential your home has. But if you want top dollar it’s worth doing the little things to grab their attention.