Sugar Factory Review


            Sugar Factory is a great little desert destination with much more to offer than just desert. As a 25-year-old woman I do think that there are certain times in the day to come here if you have kids or you’re coming here at a point when you’re out on the town. If you are arriving at the sugar factory, expect there to be many kids there before 8PM. Be rest assured that this place has delicious food that your kids will enjoy as well as sweets that will leave them hopped up for hours! With the candy store in the front, and creative desserts on the menu, your kids will be entertained for hours. But if you’re out on the town with your friends or your best girlfriends (like me), then you want to come a litter later in the day, or even explore out to Sugar Factory’s Chocolate Lounge!

            I myself got the Raspberry Watermelon Mojito and it was delicious. Made with fruit juices, silver rum, and topped with watermelon candy and mint leaves, not to mention the dry ice this drink was a blast! My friends ordered “The Drake” and that was a delicious desert drink as well! Peach based mixed with Virginia black, peach puree, sweet tea, sour patch kids, and strawberry lemonade cotton candy on top! Each drink is the size of a miniature salad bowl in serving size and is decorated with some sweets to make sure you don’t taste anything other than candy.  

            Then they had these little sliders that were different colors. Reminding me of Pretty Patties (Any SpongeBob fans out there?!) They tasted great and were “pretty” to look at too! The staff was very friendly, fun to talk to, and the environment was beautiful to look at as well. Needless to say that this place is definitely a place to check out if you haven’t yet. Whether you’re looking for a family environment, or a night out on the town I’d say that this is a good place to add to your list of places to eat.

            Thank you Sugar Factory for the great experience!